3 Questions Every Small Business Owner Should Ask Himself

Small business owners know the complications that accompany even the smallest of daily tasks. When you’re responsible for so much, and you have a ton on the line, it’s easy to run into roadblocks.

Industry leaders can often attest to serious mistakes they made at the beginning that could have been avoided if they had known better. Read on for three questions every new business owner should ask to prevent falling prey to common pitfalls.

Did I hire well?

When you first interview the early employees of a company, it can be hard to tell if they will fit in with the culture you wish to establish. Once some time has gone by, small business owners should evaluate everyone who works for the organization. Are all the employees fulfilling their duties? Do they each bring something vital to the table? Is everyone pulling their weight?

In a start-up, there is no room for the weakest link so employees must make themselves invaluable from the very beginning. If someone is noticeably lazy or doesn’t seem to fit in with the others, it might be time to have a chat and eventually let them go.

Am I using all available technology to my advantage?

While it’s smart to stay simple with your business ideas, when it comes to technology, capitalize on every available option. Let scheduling software streamline tasks and assignments, use video chat to run meetings and better clear goals with remote team members, and utilize any and all mobile capabilities for convenient payment solutions and growing your customer base.

Get out of the dark ages and let tech help you run your business with ease.

How can I improve my social media strategy?

Social media is big and getting bigger. With new social networks popping up regularly, it can be confusing to know which ones should be leveraged to improve business. While most businesses today rely on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to boost online presence and appease customers, many industries are better suited for Pinterest, Vine, Google+, and more.

Figure out who your target audience is and decide which social network can best help you capitalize on the marketable qualities of your brand.

If you’re a small business owner, and you haven’t yet had time to think about these issues, now is a good opportunity to mull it over. The sooner you determine what is working well and where you need to make changes, the faster you can implement those changes and improve your overall business strategy.

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