3 Ways to Grow Your Startup

While starting your own business might sound like a dream come true, the life of an entrepreneur is anything but easy. Building a company from the ground up takes focus, discipline, and years of hard work; and transforming a startup into a profitable business is not for everyone. Read on for three simple strategies to create a successful startup and help your business flourish.

Do your research

Don’t jump into anything without the proper preparation. Regardless of the field, you’re getting into, take the time to read up on the markets as a whole and crunch numbers before breaking ground. If you’re looking for investments, make sure you know just how much capital you’re going to need to follow through on the project. Remember, aside from angel investors, banks, credit card companies, and the cheapest merchant account providers are often in the position to loan money to startups depending on the circumstances. Look into all your financial options and proceed with caution.


There is nothing in the business world as important as communication. Make sure you articulate your mission without holding back and keep your message as transparent as possible. Talk to business partners, investors, clients, customers, family, friends. Share your ideas. Solicit feedback. Don’t let arrogance prevent you from listening to others and implementing a good idea. Technology allows us to stay connected in so many different ways that a lack of communication is virtually inexcusable. Take advantage of email, Skype, Google Chat, and other online forums to consolidate notes, review business plans, and exchange ideas. Embrace communication and allow a conversation to streamline your business model and produce results.

Rely on the power of social media

While startups often lack the funds to hire a marketing team, it doesn’t mean you can’t effectively promote your brand. Social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter can all help a small business owner gain visibility on a limited budget. Take advantage of everything social media has to offer. Develop a community that is loyal and appreciative of your product of services and trust that consistently updated, and high-quality content will effectively market itself.

Launching a successful business depends on more than these three components, but budding entrepreneurs would be wise to take these tips to heart. It’s all too easy to fall prey to beginners’ mistakes. You can likely avoid financial ruin and professional embarrassment by conducting industry research, communicating ideas and actions, and marketing your business before diving in.

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