Bad Credit Merchant Account

bad credit merchant account

Our company offers you with bad credit merchant accounts to provide you with a way of getting more customers and gain profitability. When you have bad credit, clients dispute credit cards and this negatively affects your business success. The main reason we offer you with bad credit merchant accounts is to avoid chargebacks. 

At HighRiskPay we work with you to avoid any bad business problems from the past and help you work on your business’s future. We have specialized in making your business bad credit merchant accounts being approved. Our company understands that there are things that happen to your business that are beyond your control. This is why we work with you to gain positive reviews and avoid any chargebacks in the future. We have solutions for your merchant services. We help you despite your past business history and do not consider the performance of your business. 

Working with you to get better reviews is a priority to all our customers in high-risk businesses. HighRiskPay stands out in the process of getting bad credit merchant accounts by not asking for application fees, having competitive rates, not asking for a visa or a master card, offering you secured payment gateway options, and working with you at a reduced rate and fees. We work on making sure your bad credit merchant accounts are approved as soon as possible and you will not have to spend much time waiting which could be used in your business operations. 

Our company offers you guidance on how you can avoid bad credit in the future. Maintaining positive reviews is important to your business and this is why we advise high-risk business owners on how they can engage in reducing chargebacks. If you want to keep your customers happy and avoid chargebacks, call us today for bad credit merchant account application services.

We Can Get You Approved!

Having trouble getting approved for your high risk merchant account? Did you know HighRiskPay approves 99% of all applicants!