Communication Is Key With a Subscription-Based Business

Communication Is Key With a Subscription-Based Business

Customer satisfaction is something to strive for in any business, but that’s especially true if you have a high-risk merchant account for a subscription-based service or product. Fortunately, you have a tool at your disposal to help you keep customers happy — excellent communication. Keep reading to learn some tips on how to communicate effectively with your subscribers.

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Use Uniform Language When Dealing With Customers

Consistency helps customers know what to expect when they interact with your company. Whether customers are contacting you to find out how to renew their subscriptions, have questions about buying a gift subscription for a friend, or need assistance with some other matter, always use customer-centric phrases that clearly convey your genuine desire to help. Also, make sure that every member of your customer service staff understands what kind of words and tone to use. That way, customers can enjoy similar experiences no matter when they contact your company or what kind of help they need.

Never Ignore Frustrated Customers

Communication Is Key With a Subscription-Based Business

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When you get word that someone is upset with the service he or she is being given when interacting with your company, your first course of action should be to do whatever you can to convey that you hear the customer and that you are eager to help however you can. In some instances, it might seem better to wait a day or two to see whether the matter blows over, but prompt action can usually smooth things over, and it could mean the difference between losing a subscriber and retaining a loyal customer.

You can keep tabs on customer feedback by regularly monitoring your company’s social media profiles. People often desperately post comments through social media because they’re dealing with issues outside business hours or because they would rather not discuss matters over the phone. To avoid clogging your social media channel with the problems of a few people who have very in-depth issues, just use the public areas of a social media page to let customers know that you’re reaching out and that you want to help. After crafting your initial response, invite people to chat with you using private messages.

Communicate Clearly When Explaining Policy Changes

Sooner rather than later, you’ll probably have to deal with a situation that relates to a change in policy. Maybe you’ll be altering the cost of the subscription fee or making it so people can cancel their subscriptions at any time instead of being locked into a contract.

No matter what you’re changing, be as clear as possible about what will be different. Spread the word about policy changes through several channels, including e-mail and postal mail. Besides getting people informed, invite them to contact you if they have questions about things they didn’t understand when encountering your initial correspondence. The more you can demonstrate transparency about new policies, the more you’ll be able to avoid customer backlash.

Hopefully, these actionable suggestions clearly demonstrate that good communication is key to creating happy, loyal customers. When you excel at bridging the gap that exists between your subscribers and your business, perpetual profits often lie ahead.

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