Different e-Commerce Merchant Industries Benefiting from High-Risk Services

Different e-Commerce Merchant Industries Benefiting from High-Risk Services

Different e-Commerce Merchant Industries Benefiting from High-Risk Services

Ecommerce merchant services and products are on the rise. This growing business model is taking the world by storm and expected to account for 95 percent of all purchases by the year 2040. All of these successful ecommerce businesses need one thing to increase payments and online transactions–the ability to process credit and debit cards.

What happens, then, when your application for a merchant account is denied, or your ecommerce merchant accounts have been closed? Unfortunately, an ecommerce merchant already has a strike against them as this industry is considered risky.

Of course, some of the biggest stores have found a way to overcome this hurdle and receive pay from users who get what they need through online shopping.

Unfortunately, if you’re an ecommerce merchant that is considered higher risk, obtaining credit and debit card payment options is not easy; in fact, it can seem near impossible.

There’s still hope, so keep reading below to find out what these industries are and what possible payment solutions are available. Knowing about what online payment solutions there are can help you make sure that you sign up with the right payment partner.

Why Are eCommerce Merchant Services Considered Risky?

Several various ecommerce services and activities can prevent merchant account approval and easy payment solutions. These include the following:

  • Ecommerce Industry – Credit card processing is not present at the point of sale.
  • Highly Regulated – A business that sell products such as CBD, alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals all fall into highly regulated industries.
  • Recurring Billing – Ecommerce merchant accounts view these types of payments risky due to their cyclical nature use.
  • New Businesses – Without online business history, it can be difficult to get that first approval and increase your payment options.
  • High Volume – High volume and large ticket transactions can leave risk-averse banks slow to approve these types of ecommerce merchant accounts.

Which Industries are Considered Risky?

Below are some ecommerce industries and different e commerce merchants that can be denied processing.


This highly regulated industry faces many laws throughout varying states and cities. It is also relatively new in the online store world. Considering both of these strikes, this ecommerce merchant can find it difficult to process payments.

Adult Entertainment

This industry is considered a reputational risk. Like CBD, this has proved to be a successful service and product with sales that rival those of cannabidiol. Banks and their underwriters are still saying no to providing ecommerce merchant accounts for this type of business.

Travel Companies

It costs a lot to travel, and travel companies go through a huge volume of transactions in a day. Providers for this ecommerce merchant consider travel purchases under the future fulfillment category. This may lead to customers changing their minds, and email address requests are records of an increase in chargebacks.

Nutraceuticals or Supplements

These are often sold on a recurring cycle, with customers signing up for once a month billing. Such scheduled payments often result in a large percentage of chargebacks, either due to a customer’s inability to cancel the subscription or their disappointment in the product.


Strict drug regulations leave many online pharmacies in the risky category. In the United States, the FDA has issued warning letters informing certain online pharmacies that they are engaged in illegal activity and selling potentially dangerous drugs to their customers.


Many in the U.S. that consider the second-amendment and the right to bear arms non-negotiable. Despite the regulations associated with gun control, you may find a company that provides ecommerce merchant accounts due to their strong beliefs around this somewhat volatile topic.


Once again, laws, regulations, and age restrictions leave traditional banks and processors slow to offer payment for using credit cards and debit cards. While most card processors offering ecommerce merchant accounts have similar risk assessments, the terms and conditions vary widely.

For a liquor ecommerce merchant, some providers will require a security payment. Others may even charge higher fees. Keeping chargebacks to a minimum will help mitigate the chances of incurring these costs .

Tobacco, Electronic Cigarettes, and Vapes

Lack of regulations for this booming business leaves banks leery of offering payment solutions for this ecommerce merchant. That may change soon as the FDA continues to propose new regulations that can diminish account acceptance.

Auction Websites

Those that fall into the less-than-scrupulous category have placed a mark on respectable ecommerce merchant in this category. To obtain a merchant account, you will need to demonstrate a solid and successful company and excellent customer support.


Online gambling has a $53.7 billion global market in sales. Despite its continued growth, varied gaming laws and regulations still present a formidable challenge. Because these vary by state, it can be difficult to obtain one merchant account. Make sure to look for a processor with the best chargeback mitigation program, alongside other options.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Unfortunately, some multilevel marketers have developed bad reputations that have leaked over into successful and honest MLM business. If you can demonstrate your company’s success and legitimacy, perhaps through payment records and sales, you can easily partner with the best merchant account provider that will allow you to be able to accept more payments. This will, in turn, make it easier for your customers to make purchases.


Online alternative lending companies have seen an explosive growth in recent years, especially with more customers and small business owners looking to leverage their services. The risks associated with the lending industry are clear as changing economic markets see both a rise and fall in pay and defaults.

Dating Websites

These websites can be considered ecommerce merchants, but the problem is that they face high user turnover rates—either because customers have been successful and have no use for it, or precisely because they haven’t had any luck. The result is an industry known for a large percentage of chargebacks.

Which Payment Processor is Right For Your Company?

Ecommerce merchants often find it difficult to obtain a merchant account. For those businesses that also find themselves in one of the above categories, it can feel like an uphill battle. High fees can leave a business owner thinking that accepting card payments, whether Visa Mastercard, is just not feasible.

In addition to paying higher fees for payment processing, businesses may require large cash reserves and proof of limited chargebacks in order to obtain credit card payments solutions.

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