Get Your Business Booming With Pokémon Go

Get Your Business Booming With Pokémon Go

Since the beginning of July, people around the world have been buzzing about the Pokémon Go app. Although it’s not completely original in its concept, fans and critics alike are hailing the game for the way it makes people get on the move. As you’ll soon see, it could also be something that makes your high-risk business boom.

Encourage People to Stop at Your Store to Get Ahead

Put simply, the concept of Pokémon Go involves people walking around where they live to catch characters and hatch eggs in the game. One of the most frequent ways businesses are utilizing this app so far is to turn their locations into places where people can stop within the game once they need to stock up on valuable resources that’ll get them ahead, whether by fighting other players or catching more characters.

Once you get people in the door, entice them further by hosting sales or other promotions. These will make them want to linger in your store for longer than what’s necessary within the context of Pokémon Go.

Have an Incentive for Everyone on a Certain Team

The Pokémon Go app has several teams designated by color. Even without turning your business into a place for players to stop, you could post a message on your company’s social media accounts saying that everyone on a given team gets a discount during a designated time frame. Because this type of promotion is so easy to manage, it might be a good one to go with if you’re ready to get your feet wet with Pokémon Go.

Turn Your Business Into a Battery-Charging Station

Get Your Business Booming With Pokémon Go

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Maybe you have a high-risk merchant account associated with a shop where you want people to browse for a half hour at a time or more. One of the simplest ways to appeal to Pokémon Go players is to make your business a battery-charging point. Just invest in several power strips and plug them into a free corner of your store.

Make sure also to use specialty signage that clarifies how your business can help people who need to charge their phone batteries quickly before continuing to play the game. Encourage people to browse through what your business offers while their phone battery gets more juice.

Host a Pokémon Go Tournament

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, consider making your business a host location for a Pokémon Go tournament. One notable advantage of this promotional opportunity is that it’s almost sure to draw hoards of people into your business at once. Also, depending on how you plan the timing, they might be there for an entire day during opening hours.

There have been several lessons businesses have learned regarding Pokémon Go, and one of them is that it’s often smart to capitalize on crazes early rather than assume interest levels will quickly plummet. Chat to other businesses in the area about partnering up for a tournament, especially if you don’t feel your business is well equipped enough to solely handle all the players.

Hopefully, these suggestions make it clear how powerful Pokémon Go is for getting people to your physical location. Make sure to stay abreast of methods other companies try and then learn from their successes or failures.


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