Merchant Accounts For Bad Credit

High risk merchant account instant approval

HighRiskPay Company understands that every business owner strives to have a perfect credit history. This helps you on getting more customers and on your way to success. To avoid the negative impact of poor or bad credit, our company offers you with a way of making your business work out and avoid poor credit. Many banks do not accept to work with businesses that have had past bad credit. That is why our company fits your needs and we can offer you with solutions by which you can overcome poor reputation. 

No matter if your business is large or small, our merchant accounts for bad credit, and we are high-risk processors on your business credit cards. We provide you with online ways in which you can apply for your bad credit merchant account. HighRiskPay specializes in high-risk merchant accounts and you can be guaranteed fast and reliable services in which you can make your business work. After the creation of your bad credit merchant accounts, we engage and do a follow-up service through which we set up chargebacks management tools, fraud filters, and payment gateway. Your applications are approved within 24 to 48 hours. 

We guarantee you with a fast and reliable application process and we follow up on making sure your accounts have been approved. We have a history of opening bad credit merchant accounts for both new and running businesses. All our customers are of priority and some of the factors that we consider in your applications include your credit card processing history, bank statements, merchant’s credit score, and your company website. We consider this because if your company does not have the right privacy and refund policies you may end up facing negative feedback on your account applications. Call us today to get your merchant account for bad credit for your business

We Can Get You Approved!

Having trouble getting approved for your high risk merchant account? Did you know HighRiskPay approves 99% of all applicants!