Why Are Travel Agencies Still Relevant?


why-are-travel-agencies-still-relevant?Once upon a time, travel agencies were a necessary business for customers looking to travel. Regardless of where you wanted to go, you had to meet with a travel agent not only to tell them where you wanted to go, but also how you would like to do so. From managing your travel arrangements to working with some of the largest credit card processors to make sure you could cover travel costs, travel agencies were once a big business.

With the invention of smartphones and competing businesses that made traveling easier for customers, travel agencies are almost a thing of the past. Times have changed dramatically, but despite the change, travel agencies are still quite relevant. While technology has made everything easier, travel agencies offer several benefits that customers simply can’t get anywhere else.

As the travel industry is expected to pick up in the coming months, travel agencies will soon be back in full swing. But how have they managed to stay relevant after all these years? Is it even worth it to maintain a travel agency at this point? Keep reading to learn how travel agencies have remained competitive in a crowded market.


Reasons Why Travel Agencies Are Still Relevant

Saves You Money

When it comes to traveling, how much money being spent is often the first consideration. No matter where you are planning to go, you always want to get the lowest price and the best value for your money. By partnering with a travel agency, clients not only save themselves a lot of time, but also a lot of money.

Travel agencies have built years of relationships with travel providers around the world. This allows you to get your clients better rates with everything from flights to cruises. Additionally, travel agencies can leverage their relationships to get clients things they may not have been able to get on their own such as access to room upgrades, restaurant reservations, and several other amenities.

While most travelers think cutting out the middle man will save them money on their trip, very often the opposite is true. As mentioned, travel agencies have been in the business for quite a while, which means they are not only well informed about specific destinations, but also have knowledge and advice about their trip itinerary.

Even better – they might have experience from traveling on their own that they can relay to you to help your trip go as smoothly as possible.

Convenient to Use

Planning a trip is rarely ever an enjoyable experience, regardless of how well-informed you are about your destination. Travel agencies are a “one-stop-shop” for all things travel. Whether you need more information about a destination or want to do more research, a travel agency can provide it for you.

For instance, a potential customer might spend hours looking for the perfect hotel or resort that offers all the amenities and attractions on your checklist. However, booking a room for these places can be rather complicated and time-consuming. As a travel agency, you are able to get them the best room, at the best price, in half the time, without having to do any research at all.

Traveling is fun, but it’s also a lot of work. When it comes to traveling, travel agencies have seen just about everything. Whether you have questions or want an opinion about a place you’d like to stay, a travel agent will have the answer.

VIP Treatment

Another great benefit of working with a travel agency is your knowledge in the local area of where they plan on staying. Whether they want to know what restaurants to eat at or what sort of activities there are to do, a travel agent can give them all the information they need that they likely wouldn’t have been able to find themselves. Additionally, you’ll also be able to inform them of where they can go to get the best prices and might even be able to offer them special passes that they can’t get anywhere else.

Additional Perks

No matter how long a regular person spends researching the internet for the best deals, they’re not likely to find everything that there is to be offered. A travel agency, on the other hand, will be able to utilize connections and relationships to get them better deals that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether they want to get a seat at the best restaurant or want to find a better-priced hotel room, a travel agent can find them the best deals possible.


Safety is the number one concern on any trip, especially when traveling alone. However, it’s not always easy to tell whether a place you want to visit is safe or not. By talking to a travel agent, they will be able to get advice about potentially unsafe areas and tell them where to go to remain safe at all times during the trip.

Additionally, every traveler knows that things don’t always go as planned. Whether it’s an emergency or something happens that you need to cancel, going through this process alone can be a nightmare. With a travel agent on your side, they’ll get the reassurance they need and help resolve any issues or concerns that happen while away.


Why Use a Travel Agent

From a business standpoint, it is extremely important to remember and bank on the points above. While there are some instances in which a client might feel that a travel agent isn’t necessary, your main selling factor should be that YOU have resources at your disposal to make traveling a breeze. 

Whether an emergency comes up or they simply just want to have the best vacation possible, a travel agent can help them in a variety of ways. Though the travel industry has become crowded over the years, travel agencies are still just as relevant as they’ve ever been.

Their trip shouldn’t be filled with anxiety or worry. These trips are meant to be enjoyed and give them a break from everyday life. With a travel agent helping them through the process, all they need to do is relax and trust that everything will work out perfectly for their trip, allowing them to enjoy themselves.

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