Continuity Subscription Merchant Account Services

Continuity subscription merchant account and payment gateway

Over the past few years, the continuity and subscription-based business model have begun flourishing. This model provides both customers and businesses with a level of convenience unlike any before, while creating opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to build continuous streams of profit. 

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Subscriptions and Credit Cards

The subscription business model doesn’t work without credit cards. You can miss out on tons of business if you don’t have a subscription merchant account that accepts credit cards and allow you to take advantage of the convenience credit cards offer your business. 

Unfortunately, banks don’t consider subscriptions a traditional category, which can create problems for your business if you are trying to accept credit cards. At this point, banks will consider you high-risk merchant account bad credit and can decline your applications. 

Once you are classified as a high-risk merchant, you will have a hard time getting a continuity subscription merchant account. However, working with High Risk Pay means finding the options for your business that wouldn’t have been open for you via traditional banking alone. We have worked to help companies with this business model to succeed in the competitive marketplace and beyond. Check out high risk merchant account providers in usa

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Why is a Subscription Merchant Account Difficult to Get?

The pricing structure of this business model is what banks see as a risk. They believe that there will always be the risk of chargebacks, and levels of these transactions can’t exceed two percent, or they will shut down your account. 

Chargebacks occur when the bank has to refund the customer the money for the purchase. Every business can expect at least a few chargebacks, but when those start to add up, banks will take a second look at your account. 

Chargebacks are a risk for the bank because they will be the ones refunding your customer his or her money. Eventually, too many chargebacks mean that you actually cost the bank money to do business with you. 

Consider a customer who signed up for a coffee subscription. Each month they are sent their favorite coffee. However, one day, they find that they can get a similar type of coffee cheaper somewhere else. They may forget to cancel their subscription. When their monthly credit card statement comes, they see a charge for their subscription and dispute it. 

When this happens, the credit card companies will always side with the customer and give them their money back. This results in a chargeback for your company, even though it’s not your fault. Banks see chargebacks and get scared, believing that your business is at fault and will incur high risks. 

For these reasons, banks have set a limit on the allowed chargeback ratio. Higher volumes in sales increase the possibility for fraud and mean that your direct marketing continuity subscription business model is a risk for credit card processors

Fortunately, issues involving subscription merchant accounts can be mitigated and prevented by finding a merchant account provider who knows the ins and outs of this type of business structure. Services from High Risk Pay have the ability to put structures in place to allow for continuity subscription billing and provide you with a seamless gateway. 

How Continuity Subscription Accounts Work

Under the subscription model, the individual’s credit card will be charged continuously until they take action to unsubscribe. This offers businesses tons of opportunities, but it can be difficult for banks to manage because of the scams in this field that lead to lots of chargebacks. Your subscription service is seen as a risk to banks. 


Businesses with Subscription Models

Almost any business where you provide products that need to be replenished can benefit from a subscription model. Here are a few examples:

Any business that can set up recurring billing can benefit from it. The best part is that it’s a value-added service for your customers, which can help you build trust with them. Maybe they have one product shipped to them monthly, but it will also serve as a reminder that they enjoy your brand and will come back for other products in the future. 

Customers also have the power of the subscription in their own hands. It is up to them to cancel the subscription, which is great for businesses that want to provide their customers and themselves with a convenient solution. 

However, this power translates risk for banks. They believe that customers will forget about the subscription and dispute it on their next statement.

The Problem with Being High-Risk

Being considered high-risk can impact your chances of being accepted for a merchant account. In many cases, your customers don’t need to have a real reason to dispute a chargeback. All they have to do is file a claim, and it can negatively impact your ability to accept credit cards. The customers don’t even have to contact you first to make a dispute. 

When you have a subscription-based business, you need to partner with a subscription merchant that’s reputable and can help you keep your money in the event of a chargeback. Remember, credit card processors will likely add additional fees when there is a chargeback, so you will lose even more money. 

Perhaps the worst consequence of chargebacks is the fact that your account can be terminated. When your merchant account is terminated, you will no longer be able to take credit cards, which means you can’t stay in business for much longer. Read More: High risk merchants credit card processing

Partner With a Company You Can Trust

When you begin taking credit cards, you’ll need to work with a merchant account provider that has the ability to help your business grow. You’ll need both security and PCI compliance when your customers type in their information. When it comes down to it, the reputation of your business is everything. 

We can help you take credit cards and keep your customers’ information safe. We have the knowledge and experience to keep your business in good standing so you can focus on growing and boosting profits. Our customers trust us to help them with the recurring billing that their business needs to thrive.

Was Your Merchant Account Terminated in the Past?

We have worked with many direct marketing-continuity subscription merchants who have been shut down in the past. Sometimes accounts are terminated for reasons that aren’t the business’ fault. That’s the biggest danger when it comes to these types of merchant accounts. Your risk of excessive chargebacks can even lead to account termination, even if you haven’t reached the allocated ratio yet. 

Our experts do their best to work with you and not let your past interfere with the future of your business. Losing your ability to take credit card payments can destroy your business. By working with High Risk Pay, you can rest assured knowing that we will vigilantly ensure your account won’t get terminated again and will stay in good standing for years to com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a subscription merchant?

A merchant subscription is a membership that allows members to make one flat rate payment for the processing of credit cards. Instead of businesses paying a percentage of each transaction, they pay one rate per each term of their memberships regardless of how many transactions are processed in that timeframe.

Integrate Seamlessly

To start growing your subscription business, you need your billing and credit card processing set upright. We can integrate with many of the top CRM choices, including Shopify! No matter what CRM you’re using, you can add a subscription-based model to your business. All customers have to do at check out is click a button and begin their subscription. 

With this business model, you must also make it obvious to your customers that they are in charge of canceling, and you will continue to bill them and ship the products until they cancel their subscriptions. While it may seem like a great business model (because it is), banks see it as a risk, and you will run into obstacles trying to prove that your business is legitimate and trustworthy. 

Running Into Obstacles? Call the Experts Today.

When you start a subscription-based business, you have to accept the fact that there will be obstacles. You need to find secure payment processing that will help develop your business as you accept credit cards from more customers each day. 

While to you, your business may not seem high-risk, to banks, your business model is less than ideal, which means it can take months for you to get accepted the traditional way. Most businesses have competition, and waiting months to get approval can be detrimental to their growth. In fact, many businesses will fail because they don’t work with the right credit card processor. 

High Risk Pay is prepared to help you overcome all of the obstacles many businesses in your field face. You need the knowledgeable experts who understand how to help you get through the process unscathed. 

We specialize in the unique challenges that come with subscription-based businesses and e-commerce. We have the framework already in place to help you succeed. Our integrations work with almost every third-party payment gateway to allow for a secure and reliable payment solution for your customers. 

Getting Started with Subscription Merchant Services

If you’re looking for a continuity credit card processor that can help you maximize your profits and make running your eCommerce business easy, follow these simple steps.

Submit an Application Online

Submitting your application is easy. All you have to do is fill in the fields of our online application and hit send! You may also have to upload important documents, including bank statements, so make sure to have those available when you’re ready to start the application process. 

Work with a Continuity Subscription Merchant Expert

When it comes to submitting supporting documents, it can be difficult to determine exactly what you need to show us. Our dedicated representatives are well-versed in documentation and know exactly which paperwork you need and which you don’t. If you’re not sure what you need to do, you can always reach out to us for help. 


Once you are approved, we’ll set up a time to walk you through the normal payment process and guide you through set up so that you can start accepting credit card payments as soon as possible. 

Quality Customer Support

Our customers are important to us, which is why we offer merchant support at no additional cost. When you come across a problem or have a question that needs to be answered immediately, you can contact us

A Note on Continuity Billing Scams

With the rise of e-commerce credit card processing has come the rise of people on the internet gathering consumer information and using it to bill them for monthly subscriptions that the customer did not agree to. 

Continuity billing scams are one of the major reasons why processing companies are taking measures to prevent them and avoid chargebacks. For this reason, subscription merchants should work only with a reputable processing company like High Risk Pay. While it may seem difficult to get a merchant account at first, it’s vital to work with a company that has the experience to get the job done and allow you to start accepting credit cards. 

We offer subscription accounts that are not only secure but affordable so that you can build trust with your customers without breaking the bank. We also provide our merchants with an incredible chargeback prevention tool to help you grow and mitigate risk along the way.