Accept Credit Card Payments Via Your Own eCommerce Website

Accept Credit Card Payments Via Your Own eCommerce Website

Congratulations on building your own eCommerce business and creating a website that’s gaining traction! However, in order to send out your first order, you’ll have to be able to accept credit card payments. When it comes to accepting credit cards, you’ll have to use either a merchant account or a payment gateway. In some cases, you’ll be using both.

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Merchant Accounts

A merchant account allows your business to process credit cards. After the customer has entered all of their credit card information on your website, it will be authorized. After that, the funds will go into your merchant account.

If you’re running an eCommerce business, you will need to accept credit card payments on your website. In order to do this, you will need at least one merchant account.

Gateway Account

A payment gateway is an online credit card processor that handles the transactions. It will link the credit card account of your customer and your internet merchant account together.

The payment gateway will then handle the verification of the card information and transfer requests. A payment gateway will authorize the credit card in real-time as soon as the purchase is made on your website.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts

eCommerce businesses may find that they have a difficult time obtaining a merchant account from a bank. This is because majority of credit and debit card processing companies will not be willing to work with your business because they consider you high-risk. eCommerce businesses pose significant risk because of the likelihood of fraud and excessive chargebacks.


Identity theft is a major concern for eCommerce businesses and their payment processors. Criminals may steal your customers’ personal and financial information in order to make unauthorized purchases online.


Chargebacks occur when customers are unhappy with the product or have buyer’s remorse. They may realize that they’ve spent too much money or made an impulse purchase online. When this happens, they will send back the product and contact their bank to return the funds to their account in the form of a chargeback.

When a chargeback occurs, you, the merchant, are responsible for the loss. Unfortunately, the more chargebacks, the riskier it is for banks and payment processors to work with your business.

Get a High-Risk Merchant Account Today

Although obtaining a merchant account can seem difficult for eCommerce businesses, there are payment processing specialists like High Risk Pay that offer merchant accounts for high-risk eCommerce businesses.

We specialize in providing high-risk eCommerce merchants with the ability to accept credit and debit card payments on their website. To apply for a high-risk merchant account, fill out our online application today. See the best ecommerce credit card processing.