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Businesses such as pawn shops, travel agencies, and check cashing services, as well as those offering adult entertainment or debt collection, are considered high-risk businesses for many reasons. For example, they may experience high turnover, have an increased risk of fraud, or be high-risk simply because of the nature of their business.

Banks have stringent requirements when providing merchant account services, and some banks might turn away some high-risk companies seeking such services. provides merchant accounts and services to high-risk businesses. Get answers to some frequently asked questions about high-risk merchant accounts.

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What types of business do you accept?

We accept businesses that are high risk, retail, mail/telephone orders and more.

How long does it take to get approved?

It takes 24-48 hours. Set up and shipment will be immediate upon approval.

What are the advantages of accepting credit cards online?

Credit card transactions process quickly — usually within a day or two. This improves your cash flow, eliminating the wait for checks to clear or customers to make payments after being billed. Online shoppers look for merchants that accept credit card payments. They can have peace of mind knowing that online transactions are screened diligently to help protect them against fraud and identity theft. It is a seamless method of payment for both the customer and the merchant; what’s more, accepting credit cards online can increase sales by opening up services to a wider customer base.

What if I have bad credit?

We approve accounts regardless of credit history. We have the highest approval rate in the industry.

Do I need a bank account to accept credit cards and does it have to be a business checking account?

You will need a bank account and a business account so you can receive funds from your customers. Only if you are sole-ownership, we can deposit to a personal bank account. Check out high risk merchant payment.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback occurs when a cardholder disputes a transaction on an account and the credit card’s issuing bank initiates an investigation on the cardholder’s behalf. If the transaction is found to have been fraudulent, then the issuing bank refunds the original amount to the cardholder. If the merchant cannot prove that the transaction is a legitimate one, then the credit card–issuing bank will take back the full amount of the fraudulent transaction from the merchant’s bank account, along with a fee.

How do I avoid chargebacks?

  • Make your business name the same as the name on the site.
  • Post your number on the billing descriptor. If possible, an “800” number.
  • Provide excellent customer service, and if needed, offer a refund to your customers.

Read more about our chargeback prevention program.

What is and how can I benefit from your Advanced Commerce Technologies Online Payment solution?

The advance commerce technologies online payment solution allows the online e-commerce to capture check and credit cards in real time. It allows you to capture all of your sales on-line by advanced technological features such as web link, virtual terminal, and audit trail. Its fast and secure- funds are transferred into your account within 24-48 hours. Read more here e-commerce credit card processor.

What are my requirements to open a merchant account?

A U.S. business checking account is one of the requirements to open a high-risk merchant account. Credit card payments are deposited through ACH directly into the account. These funds are available in regular merchant accounts within two business days, but high-risk merchant accounts may have longer wait times. Also, a valid photo ID, business license, current bank account statement, and previous merchant statements, if any, are needed to open this type of account. There are no setup fees for opening a new account, which may be done online. Approval takes 24–48 hours after submitting the application.

How will I receive my money?

The sales will be deposited directly into your checking account. Funds are available within two business days.

What is the interchange fee?

Visa and MasterCard assess a fee for every payment transaction processed by participating merchants. This interchange fee is passed on to the financial institution that issued the card. The card issuer credits the merchant’s account with an amount equal to the transaction amount, less the interchange fee. will help you set up a merchant account for your high-risk business featuring simple and affordable credit card processing solutions. Within 24–48 hours of approval, you can start processing credit card transactions effortlessly. If your business has a higher than normal risk of chargebacks, a high-risk merchant account with is your best option.