How to Accept Credit Card Payments Via Online Gateways

accept payments with online gateways

Accepting credit cards is critical, especially if you’re an online business. Because your business is mostly conducted over the Internet, you don’t have the option of taking cash. Instead, you must provide your customers with a convenient solution to pay for their items.

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Accepting Credit Cards With Online Gateways

The most efficient way to accept credit card payments online is with a combination of a merchant account and a payment gateway.

Merchant Account

Merchant accounts are a business bank account that allows you to accept credit cards. Once authorized, the funds from the credit card will go into that bank account. It’s essentially a holding place for the payments from your customers.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway connects your online store and your merchant account. It makes the transaction process between the bank and the card issuer’s bank much easier. This means that the funds will get approved faster, and the money will go to your merchant account more quickly. 

A payment gateway does the same thing as the point-of-sale card machines you would use in a brick and mortar store. They have the same purpose, except a payment gateway exists online.

There are fees associated with both the merchant account and payment gateway, but you can explore payment solutions at competitive rates.

Payment gateways are also preferred because they offer you control over security and customization. They are great for both large and small businesses.

Merchant Account & Payment Gateway

In order to use a merchant account and payment gateway, you will need to apply for both. In order to do so, you’ll need to send forms and financial information to the merchant service provider.

The application process can take a few days, so you won’t be able to accept payments immediately. After you’ve been approved, you will connect your payment gateway to your online store.

Benefits of Using a Payment Gateway

Customer Service: The merchant account provider has a team that will help you put together the best solutions for your business.

Spurs Purchases: Other than providing a level of convenience for your customers, you can expect more purchases. Because credit cards typically have a limit of a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars, customers will be more willing to purchase more items from your store with one payment.

Secure Transactions: With a payment gateway, you can offer your customers secure transactions. Payment gateways use encryption to protect their data and yours from fraud.

Faster Transaction Processing: Using a payment gateway means that your online store is open all day and all night. Customers can shop at their own convenience and from all around the world.

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