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The credit repair industry generates over four billion dollars a year, making it a significant sector in the US market and vital to the modern consumer economy. However, securing credit repair payment processing and merchant services can be challenging. Thankfully, High Risk Pay can help. As a reputable company dedicated to helping high-risk businesses across multiple industries,  we can offer you unparalleled support which other providers are simply unable to provide. Contact us now to learn more.

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Benefits of High Risk Pay’s Merchant Accounts

All credit repair companies benefit from being able to process credit card payments and accept other types of online transactions. It provides unparalleled convenience for clients, helping to ensure they make their credit repair payments on time.

High Risk Pay are specialists in providing payment solutions for credit repair companies. Unlike banks and other merchant service providers, we cater specifically to high-risk businesses to deliver incredible service for an unbeatable price. We can offer credit repair payment processing options and merchant accounts for your business, helping you keep your clients happy, receive payments on time, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Affordable Credit Repair Payment Processors

Many high-risk companies struggle to secure any type of merchant services solutions, and those that are available from conventional providers typically come with costly processing fees. High Risk Pay charges no application fees and no setup costs for opening a merchant account. Yes, you read that right, we offer those setup services free! Our credit repair payment fees are also as low as possible so your business doesn’t have to pay any unnecessary overheads.

Simple Merchant Account Application

We understand that business life is hectic, and you don’t have spare time on your hands. You need your credit repair payment processor to be set up as quickly as possible so you can commence online business. This is why High Rate Pay offers a simple application process with as few steps as possible. Simply complete our application form and a representative will be in touch shortly.

Best Credit Repair Payment Service

Our credit repair payment services are second to none. We have partnered with leading payment processors in the US that we know are comfortable in offering their services to credit repair agencies and other high-risk businesses. This ensures you get incredible service, no interruptions, and no technical issues that could deter your credit customers from paying on time. This works to boost your profits, keep your customers happy, and grow your business. 

Multiple Credit Repair Companies

As a leading high-risk payment provider, High Risk Pay provides merchant account services and credit card processing options for all types of credit repair companies. From credit re-establishment firms to debt consolidation, there are seldom types of high-risk credit companies we haven’t worked with. Regardless of your business model, we can provide effective payment solutions your clients love. With our intelligent integration, we can also integrate the payment system with any technology you currently use.

Why is it Difficult to Open Merchant Accounts for Credit Repair Payments?

Unfortunately, most merchant account services and payment processing providers deem credit repair businesses as high-risk; therefore, these businesses are treated differently than companies working in other markets. This seems counterintuitive – how can a company that is helping to repay peoples’ debts and improve their credit scores be considered a financially risky business?

This categorization is primarily because the entire business model for these companies is focused on handling transactions with potentially unreliable clients who may be unable to make their credit repair payments on time. Additionally, credit repair payments tend to be disputed heavily and generate a large number of chargebacks. This limits the number of merchant accounts available for these businesses, which cover in more detail below.

High-Risk Customer Base

The main reason credit repair payment providers are hard to come by is the high-risk base of their customers. After all, the people that rely on credit repair companies to correct their previous financial errors have all been in financial trouble before. Although these people are trying to correct their financial wrong-doings, most banks, credit card associations, and other payment providers don’t see it this way. Instead, they see an unreliable customer base that has proven they don’t make payments on time. 

Unfortunately, despite their pessimistic outlook, the banks and payment providers are right; this customer base is much more likely to default on payments than any other. Therefore, to save themselves the risk of working with such clients, they are reluctant to offer credit repair payment options to businesses within the sector.

Increased Chargeback Rates

When customers dispute payments with their credit card provider, this is known as a chargeback. Frequent chargebacks are damaging for business, and banks and traditional payment processors will close the connected merchant account if too many are made. And unfortunately, chargebacks are extremely common within the credit repair industry.

There are several reasons for these increased chargeback rates. Firstly, the banks and payment providers are sadly right about the customers these companies service. Many people start working with credit repair companies and set out good intentions; however, after several credit repair payments have been taken, some people call their banks and claim the transactions are fraudulent as a means to regain their money.

Another reason is due to unrealistic customer expectations. Credit repair companies work hard to improve the credit ratings of their clients. However, unclear terms and conditions can leave some customers unhappy with the outcome if improvements aren’t seen quickly. They then raise a dispute with their card company claiming the credit repair company hasn’t met its duties. In fact, this is the reason for 39% of all chargebacks on credit repair payments. It is an issue with many providers that offer a service rather than a physical product. 

Fraudulent Credit Card Repair Companies

Your credit repair company may be highly reputable and legitimate, but credit repair scams are more common than you might imagine. There are federal statutes called the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) in place to help protect against such scams by setting guidelines that all credit repair companies must abide by. Nevertheless, these crimes still happen frequently. 

Unfortunately, the prevalence of these fraudulent credit repair scams impacts the willingness of providers to offer merchant accounts to credit repair businesses. Most credit repair companies seeking online payment solutions, therefore, have to use specialized high-risk payment providers as opposed to traditional merchant services.

What is the Purpose of Credit Repair Merchant Accounts?

With multiple issues in finding credit repair payment processing solutions, you might wonder whether it is worthwhile sourcing a merchant account. However, appointing a reputable provider that works with high-risk businesses has several benefits for your business.

Convenient Payment Methods

Credit and debit cards are the preferred online payment method for most Americans, ranked first by over 71% of shoppers. Moreover, most people have access to debit and credit cards and it is quickly becoming the primary way to pay for online products and services. It is fast, effective, and available to almost everyone. Plus, by processing payments through a bank, customers love the added security and are more inclined to make online transactions. 

By opening a merchant account and allowing credit repair payments to be made via card, you’re adding convenience for your customers. Not only does this improve customer experience and reduce the risk of refund requests and payment disputes, but it also helps to increase sales, boost your bottom line, and grow your business. It is also helpful if you charge a recurring monthly fee to your clients, we can support a subscription based business model so you can start counting on consistent income without needing to remind clients that it is time to pay with cash or other means. 

Reduced Chargeback Rates

Chargebacks are a major issue for most credit repair companies and, as we have discussed already, increase the risk of merchant account closures. Although it might be paradoxical, opening a merchant account can reduce the chargeback ratio for credit repair payments.

This is possible as all good merchant accounts allow customers to pay with both bank cards and electronic checks. Also referred to as ACH or Automated Clearing House, electronic check transactions are harder to chargeback than credit card payments as you have to visit the bank and provide solid evidence. Therefore, this is a great way to keep your chargeback rates low! We also share other tips on reducing your chargeback ratio down below. 

Tips for Being Approved for Credit Repair Payment Processing

For credit repair companies, finding a payment processor and opening a merchant account is an ongoing struggle. However, companies specializing in providing payment solutions for high-risk businesses such as High Risk Pay can help. We have a 95% acceptance rate, but here are other tips for increasing your chance of being approved for credit repair payment processing.

Lower Your Chargeback Ratios

The best thing a credit repair company can do to increase its chance of approval is to lower its chargeback ratio. The lower the ratio, the better, but a rate of 2% or less is a good ballpark figure to go by. Thankfully, there are also a few actionable changes you can make to help combat this issue. Here are some tips for protecting your business from high credit repair payment chargebacks:

  • Clear Business Name: If customers do not recognize your business name on their bank statements it can cause them to dispute the transaction with their credit card provider. Make sure you have named your banking account something identifiable to help limit confusion. This is an easy fix but has a large impact on the number of chargebacks. 
  • Efficient Customer Service: The more efficient you deal with any customer complaints, the lower the credit repair payment chargeback rates. This requires a great customer service team with friendly and helpful staff available around the clock. Ensure your contact details are visible on your website and other communications as well to make things as simple as possible for your customers.
  • Refund Policy: All companies hate receiving refund requests from their customers. However, refunding is a much better alternative to chargebacks as it doesn’t impact your company’s payment approval rates. Make sure you have a clear refund policy, so customers know how to request one and issue all reasonable refund requests without delay to avoid disputes.

Being transparent about previous chargebacks is also essential for high-risk merchants like credit repair companies. Be prepared to discuss the chargebacks you have dealt with in the past and provide explanations as to why they occurred and how this can be prevented in the future.

Have a Solid Business Plan

Credit repair companies that have been around for longer and have proven business success are more likely to be accepted for a merchant account. On the other hand, new organizations will struggle to source processors for credit repair payment transactions, which makes them a high risk merchant account. 

One of the best ways to convince providers to offer you their services is to prevent a solid business plan. This must show that you have considered the same risks that providers are worried about and have factored these into your profit forecasts.  Proof of a profitable business reassures online payment providers that you will be able to pay your bills and payment fees; thus, they will be more inclined to offer merchant services to you. It also helps to show that your business is legal and above board. 

Improve Your Credit Rating

Do you personally have a bad credit credit score? If so, improving your personal credit score is a great way to regain some control over the opinions of credit repair payment providers, increasing the likelihood of them accepting your application for merchant services. Besides, acting as a credit repair company yet having a bad credit rating yourself makes it appear as if your business is set up for failure and makes it harder to open a merchant account.

Thankfully, as a credit repair company, improving your own credit rating should be relatively straightforward as throughout the history of your credit repair business you have built up a wealth of knowledge. Implement all the advice you give to your clients to boost your own score and reap the rewards both in your personal life and business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit repair payment merchant account?

A credit repair payment merchant account is a specialized business bank account that allows credit repair companies to process credit card payments and other online transactions. Using integrated payment processors and payment  gateways, these merchant accounts enable businesses to process payments smoothly and efficiently to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Simple Merchant Account Application

We understand that business life is hectic, and you don’t have spare time on your hands. You need your credit repair payment processor to be set up as quickly as possible so you can commence online business. This is why High Rate Pay offers a simple application process with as few steps as possible. Simply complete our application form and a representative will be in touch shortly.