Accept Credit Card Payments On Mobile

Accept Credit Card Payments On Mobile

Being able to accept credit card payments on mobile is a great way for your small business to make sales at events and in-store. Customers want to make purchases easily, which means your business will need to be able to accept credit card payments in order to seal the deal.

Using a smartphone or tablet with a credit card reading add-on, you can process transactions wherever you are.

When accepting credit cards on mobile, it’s important to take the right steps before proceeding.

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Accepting Mobile Credit Card Payments

1. Own a Business

Mobile credit card payment providers will require that you prove you have a business before you can sign up to use the service. However, almost any business of any size can get approved no matter what you sell or the service you provide.

2. Pick Your Mobile Device

Before you’re able to use a credit card reader, you will need a compatible device. There are options for almost any mobile platform, no matter what you choose to use. You won’t have to purchase a new mobile device in order to begin accepting credit card payments. They will work with the devices you already own.

The biggest benefit is that there’s no need to carry around any more hardware other than the tiny, pocket-sized card reader itself. Typically, credit card readers will attach to your device’s headphone jack or charging port.

You can also choose to process payments without an adapter. Services will typically allow you to complete a transaction by entering credit card information manually into your phone or tablet.

Some services may also require the use of a mobile app, which will allow you to use both the connected device and the mobile credit card reader.

3. Work With a Credit Card Processing Company

The most important aspect of accepting credit card payments on mobile is choosing the right service provider. You will have to compare startup costs, fees, and compatibility.

When you begin researching companies to work with, you’ll find competitive transaction fees and a free application process. While you’ll find similar functionality between services, you’ll need to pay close attention to fees and other hidden costs.

4. Secure Your Mobile Device

Before you process credit card payments, you’ll need to ensure that the device you’re using is secure, and all of the required software is up to date. Make sure you have installed all of the latest updates to your operating system so that you can ensure everything will work properly the first time around.

Make sure only to install apps from trusted sources so that you can ensure the safety of your customers’ information. You may also want to consider protecting the device with a password or fingerprint lock so that you can ensure the data remains safe in case the device is stolen.

5. Start Accepting Payments

Once you have your card reader attachment, you can download the app for your device and begin accepting payments. Always make sure to do a test purchase before opening your shop so that you can ensure it will work when you have customers lined up out the door.

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