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Receiving payments from customers was once simple. The digital era, however, has made receiving payments more complicated yet also more efficient and effective, especially for holders of high-risk merchant accounts. Consider, for example, the transition from traditional checks — previously mailed to a vendor to complete a purchase — to electronic checks. With electronic checks, payments transfer instantly over the internet and receive verification and processing shortly after receipt.

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Advantages You’ll Receive By Accepting Credit Cards

High-Risk Pay Company is the best high-risk credit card processing company in the market for your small or large business. We have competitive pricing that you can scale because we care more about your welfare than we offer our services. We provide multiple resources that you can choose from and that best fits your business. Our high-risk credit card processing is based on a list that we can handle and we do not have to engage with many businesses that will cause delays on some of our customers. 

In our credit card processing services, we are willing to work with businesses that deal with adult videos and products, firearms, cigarettes, information marketing, firearms, house rental companies, and travels. We have high standard services in all the parts of our company. We offer your business with ways to handles fraud activities. Whether you are running a local or an international business, High-Risk Pay has a way of tracking any fraudulent activities in credit card processing and alerts you before it can affect your business. Doing this gives you a way of preventing any activities that can cause harm to your business before they occur. Doing this prevents any chargebacks from occurring. 

Our company requires you to pay a merchant cash reserve just like any other high-risk credit card processor. We keep your deposit of about 6-15% for six months which is then released to your business. This is a convenient way to keep your business running. It is also collateral for riskier transactions that may occur in your business operations. Some of the highlights of our high-risk credit card processing include the provision of quality services when you contact us, educational resources for business owners on how to run their high-risk transactions, and providing each of our customers with individualized pricing based on their business. High-Risk Pay is a transparent credit card processor for your high-risk business. Choose us today and enjoy our massive number of services and resources

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When merchants obtain a merchant account, you must be able to accept credit and debit card payments from customers. This is important for those who work exclusively online and over the phone. If your products are available online, it’s absolutely crucial that your customers can complete their transactions.

To be eligible for a high volume merchant account, businesses must process at least $100,000 per month. Here are the types of businesses that can benefit from a high-risk merchant account

  • Property management companies processing monthly rental payments
  • Merchants with recurring annual or monthly fees
  • Subscription-based companies that ship products monthly
  • Merchants with recurrent membership fees
  • Online businesses that sell downloads

Merchants that have multiple single transactions per day need a secure method for accepting credit card payments. We pride ourselves on working with high-risk merchants and high-volume businesses. See more about High Risk merchant payment processor.

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