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Are you in need of an online payment gateway for tech support businesses? The tech support industry is rapidly expanding, and there is an ongoing need for support teams to help troubleshoot issues and help customers with their devices.

However, obtaining a merchant account and online payment gateway for tech support is challenging. Thankfully, High Risk Pay specializes in offering affordable payment solutions to high-risk industries. With our merchant support team, we can help you find the solution other lenders aren’t willing to provide. We have tons of history and experience of providing merchant accounts for tech support in the USA and internationally. 

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Why Use High Risk Pay for Your Payment Solutions?

Obtaining a merchant account and using an online payment gateway for tech support are hugely beneficial for business. It enables your clients to securely make credit card transactions to pay for your services, which is an undeniably convenient payment option. Therefore, this leaves your customers satisfied, improves sales, and ultimately boosts your bottom line.

High Risk Pay specializes in providing merchant accounts and payment gateways to high-risk companies, such as tech support businesses. This means we can give you access to payment processors that traditional financial institutions won’t, so you can reap all the rewards without having to overcome many obstacles on the way. You can discover more about all our benefits in the sections below, and why you should choose us as your online payment gateway provider.

Best Online Payment Gateway for Tech Support

As a specialist high-risk payment provider, we have many industry connections with leading software companies that are willing to work with tech support businesses. These providers are the best in the business as they offer comprehensive features, including fraud protection measures, friendly customer support, and international payment processing options. They also use the latest technology, so the systems won’t lag or experience other technical difficulties, which saves you additional time and money.

Competitively Priced Tech Support Solutions

Many high-risk companies are charged extortionate processing fees by their payment services provider to account for the financial risks they pose to the business. However, we aren’t a conventional provider. Our processing fees are highly affordable so your company doesn’t have to pay unnecessary overheads. There are also zero application fees and no setup costs for our online payment gateway for tech support. Get the full credit processing package by contacting us now! 

Simple Application Process

Application processes can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially for a growing business within a rapid industry such as tech support. This is why we make it as easy as possible to obtain a merchant account and gain access to our online payment gateway for tech support. To get started, simply fill in our short application form and a friendly member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Multiple Software Integrations

Most businesses in the modern world – especially technology companies – use multiple online tools and various software for the running of their operations. The benefit of using our online payment gateway for tech support is that we offer incredible integration opportunities with your pre-existing business tools. We can link your merchant account, processor, and gateway to your website or CRM for seamless setup and management.

Why is Tech Support Considered a High-Risk Industry?

Tech support businesses need to go to specialized high-risk providers such as High Risk Pay when searching for payment solutions. This is because traditional banks and financial institutions are generally unwilling to offer merchant accounts and payment processors as they deem these companies as financially risky. But how can such a rapidly growing industry pose a threat to banks and other merchant service providers?

There are three main reasons why payment processing providers perceive tech support businesses as high-risk: (1) high fraud rate, (2) high chargeback rate, and (3) varied transaction types. All three of these contribute to the challenge of finding an online payment gateway for tech support businesses.

Tech Support Scams and Fraud

Your tech support business may well be a legitimate and reputable company that wants to help people stay safe online and protect their devices. However, tech support scams are extremely common and take millions of dollars from innocent victims every year.

Frauds and scammers pretending to be reliable IT support companies send pop-up messages to users claiming to have detected viruses or malware on their device. Users then click the pop-up and make payments to fix these non-existent problems. These scams have sadly overshadowed the positives of the tech support industry, which has been made out to be an unreliable sector.

Therefore, obtaining an online payment gateway for tech support isn’t an option for most payment providers. Additional underwriting usually needs to be performed by a bank to offer merchant account and payment solutions, so most banks just avoid the industry entirely.

High Chargeback Rates

A chargeback is when a customer disputes a transaction on their credit card directly with their provider, who in turn raises the issue with the business. Because of the aforementioned tech support scams, chargeback rates are high within the IT industry.

Another reason for high chargeback rates within tech support is due to unrealistic customer expectations. Technical support is a service rather than a physical product. Oftentimes, customers don’t fully understand the IT issues they are dealing with or what outcome is possible. This leads to a higher number of dissatisfied customers who then file disputes with their credit card company, which leads to many billing issues.

Banks and conventional payment providers generally charge penalties or shut down merchant accounts for businesses with a chargeback ratio of 0.9%. Unfortunately, many tech businesses have rates of greater than 0.9%, and so an online payment gateway for tech support is hard to source from traditional merchant service providers in the first place.

Wide Range of Transaction Types

Tech support is a specialist skill, and so these businesses process a large number of high-cost transactions when compared to other industries. However, IT issues and solutions are hugely varied. While complex issues can be expensive to resolve, tech support companies also process a large number of smaller tickets for these quick fixes. Some also offer subscription-based services for products such as antivirus protection.

Therefore, the final reason why the majority of banks are unwilling to provide an online payment gateway for tech support is due to the wide range of transaction types made by these companies. These varied ticket sales make it difficult for a service provider to work out the average cost of a sale, so they are reluctant to offer an online payment gateway for tech support businesses.

Why Do You Need an Online Payment Gateway for Tech Support?

With so many challenges in obtaining an online payment gateway for tech support, you might be wondering whether or not your business needs one. However, payment gateways are essential if you want your company to handle credit card transactions. Opening a merchant account alone will not give you this ability, and a payment gateway is required for authorizing online payments.

Below are some of the tasks that a great online payment gateway for tech support carries out and how this is beneficial to your IT business.

Encryption of Data

As an IT business, you’re undoubtedly already aware of the rising number of cyber thieves looking to steal personal data and credit card information. All online payments must be encrypted using the latest SSL technology to prevent this from arising. Without encryption tools in place, many customers will refuse to place online orders as they don’t want to risk their online safety.

A reliable online payment gateway for tech support encrypts all data for you. They make the card numbers and other identifiable information unreadable, protecting both your customers and the reputation of your business.

Authorization Requests

An online payment gateway for tech support handles authorization requests before taking money from any of your paying customers. Authorization is necessary as it checks if the user has sufficient funds on their credit card to complete the transaction. If they don’t the payment will be declined, helping ensure that the business gets paid for its services.

The requests also act as proof of payment submitted with the customers’ consent. Therefore, providing authorization is advantageous as it protects merchants from fraud or chargebacks. This is beneficial for businesses and opens up access to a wider array of payment services in the future.

Quick Transaction Speeds

Using an online payment gateway for tech support is the fastest way for you to receive card processing payments to your merchant account. It is much quicker than manual processing! The connected payment processor sends the transaction request to the payment gateway automatically within seconds. Assuming the authorization is passed, the payment goes through immediately.

Online shoppers are much more inclined to purchase your services when they don’t have to wait to make a purchase. Therefore, having quick transaction speeds helps to improve user experience, leading to more sales and increased profits.

How to Get Approved for a High-Risk Merchant Account

Being labeled as a high-risk merchant is a kick in the gut for many businesses. It can limit the variety of payment methods or significantly ramp up the costs of processing fees, cutting into your business profits. Yet there are companies out there specializing in providing payment solutions to high-risk companies, such as High Risk Pay.

We have a 95% acceptance rate for all applications, and we know how to give our clients access to the payment solutions they need to grow their business. Here are our top tips on being approved for a merchant account and obtaining an online payment gateway for tech support.

Be Upfront About Your Past

It can be tempting to choose not to disclose information on your chargeback rates or credit history when shopping around for payment gateway services. But it is best to always be upfront about the history of your business, which will improve your success rates in the long run. Traditional financial institutes will likely turn you away, but high-risk specialists are here to help, regardless of your previous financial status. The more upfront you are, the more the provider will trust and like you and your company.

Reduce Chargeback Rates

Reducing chargeback rates should be a primary goal for all high-risk businesses. This proves to banks that despite being in a ‘risky’ industry, you are successful at what you do and keep your customers happy. Thankfully, there are several tips you can implement to try and reduce your business’s chargeback rates:

  • Name Your Business Correctly: Oftentimes, chargebacks are simply filed because people don’t recognize a transaction and assume it is fraudulent. As such, they raise a dispute of the payment with their provider. Therefore, naming your business so it shows correctly on credit card statements can be a huge help as your customers will know where the charges came from. 
  • Customer Support & Refund Policies: Although in an ideal world you don’t want any refunds, accept that this is a normal part of business. In fact, allowing refunds will dramatically reduce the number of chargebacks against your tech support business. You should provide great customer support and a clear refund policy so your clients can come to you directly instead of raising a dispute with their card provider.
  • Clear Contact Information: There is no point in having a great customer support team if your customers don’t know where to find you. Ensure that your contact details are clearly listed on your website and all correspondence to make reaching out as simple as possible. 

Have Evidence Ready

Some merchant service providers request to see proof of your company’s successes so they know you’re bringing in profit each month. They may also request to see evidence explaining previous chargeback cases. Have this ready when applying for a merchant account and online payment gateway for tech support to avoid delays and improve success rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can tech support businesses mitigate risk for card-not-present transactions?

Card-not-present (CNP) transactions carry a high risk of fraud and chargebacks. However, tech companies can reduce these risks by using an online payment gateway for tech support. These collect as much information as possible on the customer and use authorization requests which act as proof of payment from the cardholder.