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The CBD industry is in full swing and booming. With the expansion and inevitable growth of the industry, CBD and hemp products are being advertised no longer to a group of certain individuals, but the entire world as a whole. 

CBD is derived from hemp and is legal in the US, as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. However, there’s still much confusion about this industry and these products, which means that you need a merchant services provider specializing in this particular area.

Many financial institutions in the United states will avoid working with marijuana products and so it can be hard for businesses selling cbd to secure a payment processing account. This means you have limited options to collect payment and may look to turning to alternative methods such as cryptocurrency. However, only a small percentage of people are willing to pay using their crypto. You need access to a broader market to those who are looking to use their cards. With more people using mobile devices, they are conveniently using their cards stored in Apple Pay and Google Pay to checkout on websites. Therefore, to reach its maximum potential, your business needs a way of processing cards. Let High Risk Pay be your solution to a cbd payment processor.  

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CBD Merchant Account Services

Why Are CBD Businesses Considered High Risk?

CBD processing requires a high-risk merchant account because of the legal landscape, risk of chargebacks,
and reputational risk.


While CBD products are considered legal in the US, this industry is still considered taboo, especially by banks. The association with CBD and the cannabis plant confuses many people still, which means banks will not want to take on the risk.

These misconceptions will limit businesses selling regulated CBD products, which means you’ll be penalized when it comes time to apply for a merchant account through your bank. 

Risk of Chargebacks

Banks will make a decision based on risk. The unpredictable nature of CBD products means that banks will view your business as high-risk. This industry is highly regulated, with more websites being shut down every day for violating the changing guidelines set in place for businesses. While you may not be in violation on purpose, your website and business can still be shut down, which means you are a huge risk to banks. 

Also, operating in the eCommerce space means that you run the risk of chargebacks. eCommerce is already considered high-risk because customers can simply call their banks up and dispute transactions that they are not happy with or forgot they made online. This, added with the misconceptions surrounding CBD, means that your business is an exceptionally high risk for banks. Learn more about merchant account for ecommerce.


Reputational Risk

CBD products often come with claims by companies. Many businesses in this space enter it to make a quick buck, and banks know this. The sudden emergence of the market means that there are tons of people trying to take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, these people and businesses have made it harder for legitimate CBD businesses to sell their products and get a CBD merchant account. Your CBD business will automatically be labeled as a high risk. For this reason, it will be difficult or impossible to find banks that accept CBD business. 

Luckily, there are other solutions available, including working with a high-risk merchant services provider like High-Risk Pay. We specialize in these types of businesses and can help you begin taking credit cards in as little as 24 hours. 

For more information, contact us or fill out our online application to get started. 

Why You Need an Experienced CBD Merchants Processor?

As CBD products become more accepted across the nation, more credit card processing for CBD solutions are available. Partnering with a reputable high-risk merchant services provider can help you get through the application process painlessly and without stress. 

Banks will make you jump through hoops just to get denied. However, once you’re approved by High-Risk Pay, your CBD payment gateway can become active within just one business day, which means you can begin accepting credit card payments as soon as tomorrow.

Whether you need a card terminal or an online gateway, we can help you get your business off the ground. 

CBD Sub-Industries and Products We Support

  • Beauty Products and Skincare
  • CBD Pet Products
  • Tinctures 
  • Teas
  • Supplements and Capsules
  • Hemp Oil 

How High Risk Pay Handles CBD Merchant Services?

Unlike banks and other merchant services, the fact that you operate within the CBD space doesn’t keep us from working with you and providing quality customer service that you deserve.

We work to ensure the process is secure no matter what industry you’re in and no matter whether you’re high-risk or low-risk. 

Why Open a CBD Account for your Cannabis Business?

  1. To Accept Credit Cards: If you operate online, you’ll need to be able to accept major credit cards in order to maintain a successful business. 
  2. Integration: Our payment gateway integration into many of the popular website platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and WordPress. This means that you won’t have to switch your platforms after spending long hours and tons of money developing the perfect website. 
  3. Customer Service: Our representatives understand your industry and how to process your account. 

Was Your CBD Oil Credit Card Processing Account Shut Down?

When your merchant account is shut down, your business can’t operate. Having a payment processing company like PayPal shut down your account doesn’t mean that you have to end your business.

Instead, it means that you need to recover and work with a CBD merchant account provider who can provide you with complete solutions for your high-risk business.

Once your merchant account is shut down by PayPal, Square, or Stripe, you won’t be able to get it back up and running through those companies. The termination means that your business is restricted. Any funds remaining in the accounts can no longer be accessed until you work with a high-risk credit card processor

The termination of these accounts will cause a significant lapse in incoming payments, which can lead to insufficient funds in your accounts. If this happens to you, you’ll find yourself in a desperate situation owing to your bank and being unable to generate sales. 

If your account has been shut down, you need to act fast. CBD payment processing needs to be recovered. High Risk Pay can help get you back on your feet. With your business back up and running as soon as possible, you can continue running your business with very little consequences of being shut down by the other companies. 

If you’re a CBD startup still in the early stages of building your online business, then it’s best to start with a CBD credit card processing company like High-Risk Pay right off the bat. 

Signing up with us immediately can help save you time and frustration. When you work with us, you’ll avoid funds being frozen, and your stream of income will remain reliable. 

For more information about CBD high-risk merchant accounts, contact us today.

What Should You Look for in a CBD Oil Merchant Accounts Payment Processor?


Merchants should always look for payment processors who explain their  fees upfront. Transparency is beneficial for both the merchant and payment processor because it allows the merchant to make the best decision for their business. Making sure you understand the fees expected of you is one of the key roles of your merchant services provider.


Accepting credit cards on your website should be easy for both you and your customers. Once the cards are accepted, you shouldn’t have to worry about the rest of the process to ensure that the funds get transferred correctly to your merchant account and then your bank account.

As the merchant, you should not have any payment processing responsibilities beyond the need to provide your customers with a terminal or online cart.

Accepts All Cards

In order to be truly successful as an online business, you’ll need to be able to accept all card brands. If a certain brand can’t be accepted, then you may lose a sale. For example, even though most people have multiple credit cards, they may pull out an American Express card only to find out that your website doesn’t accept that brand.

When this happens, they may choose to abandon their purchase altogether because you haven’t provided them with the convenience they were hoping for.

Low Fees

As a high-risk merchant, you’ll likely be faced with higher fees than low-risk merchants. While fees shouldn’t be the only reason you decide to work with a merchant services provider, they should definitely be taken into account since it will determine how much money your business makes.

Multiple Payment Methods

Your customers will all want to pay in various ways. Some may want to use debit or credit cards while others prefer alternative payments, including Bitcoin. While paying online with Bitcoin isn’t as common as a credit card (yet!), it’s important that you are able to keep up with the changing times and provide your customers with alternative payment options.

When a customer goes to finish a transaction, they’ll be amazed by the convenience of their check-out, which means you’ve just increased their satisfaction. When you improve the customer experience, you can expect repeat sales.

Fraud Protection

One thing that makes online businesses high-risk is that they come with the risk of fraud. Every time you accept a card payment online, you’re at risk. Once your level gets too high, you can be impacted by chargeback fees and other penalties.

Your merchant services provider should be able to help you mitigate the risk of fraud with protection solutions. This will help keep your account in good standing.

Chargeback Prevention

Chargebacks are a huge problem among eCommerce merchants. With the right prevention in place, you can avoid them and keep your chargeback ratio low.

Recurring Billing

Recurring billing or a subscription model may be the most convenient solution for you. This means that no one has to worry about paying the monthly bill for your merchant account.

It also means that your merchant services provider will be able to provide you with quality customer service seamlessly. High-risk merchant service providers can help you more effectively run your business by helping you set up automated billing, sending out payment reminders, and setting up billing plans.

Payment Analytics

Payment analytics provide you with detailed data about payments that can you can use when strategizing your business. You’ll have access to a variety of analytics that can help you see what areas need improvement.

CBD Merchant Processing: Payment Gateways vs. Merchant Accounts

As a CBD and online merchant, you know that there are two aspects to accepting credit cards online: payment gateways and merchant accounts. You need both to run your business and take payments. 

Simply put, a payment gateway connects merchants and payment networks. It integrates with your website, capturing payments and submitting that information to a payment processor or acquiring bank. Merchants then receive an approved or declined message. 

merchant account, on the other hand, allows you to process these card transactions. Your payment gateway will deposit the funds from credit cards into your merchant account. This account acts as a holding place for the funds until they are transferred to your high risk business bank account

Merchant accounts exist because of returns. Money from sales can’t be deposited directly into your business bank account because you may have to return the money. These accounts facilitate this process, and more. 

Instant Approval CBD Oil Merchant Processing

At High-Risk Pay, you can be approved within 24 hours to start accepting credit card payments on your website. We believe that getting a CBD merchant account when you’re a high-risk business should be as quick as getting one if you were considered low-risk. 

While obtaining approval typically takes longer for high-risk businesses, we offer fast, almost instant approval for our merchants. 

Why High Risk Pay?

95% Approval Rate

We’ve worked with tons of businesses that were denied by banks and other merchant account providers. 

No Application Fee or Setup Fee

Applying to work with us requires no money on your part. We also don’t ask that you give us a setup fee so that you can focus on running your business!

Yes you read that correctly, the application fee and setup are free! 

No Contract

With no contracts, there’s no fine print. This means that you can cancel anytime. 

Bad Credit OK

We work with merchants who have less than ideal credit that banks won’t consider working with. We don’t believe your past should hinder your future. 

Fast Approval

We can approve your application within 24 hours! You can begin accepting credit cards on your website as soon as tomorrow. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabis Merchant Accounts

What is a CBD or cannabis merchant account?

A CBD merchant account is an account that is designed for businesses that sell CBD products. These businesses include legal landscape, risk of chargebacks, and reputational risk. While CBD products are legal, the industry is still frowned upon, so many banks will not work with these merchants.

Does Stripe allow CBD?

No, Stripe does not allow CBD sales. Stripe refuses to allow anything that is considered to be a high risk on its platform, including payments for CBD products. High Risk Pay is happy to work with CBD merchants and help them process payments related to any legal CBD products and sales.

Does PayPal accept CBD sales?

No, PayPal does not allow or process payments for CBD products. Many customers have reported that PayPal has frozen accounts when they have attempted to receive payments for their CBD products or CBD-related businesses. PayPal classifies CBD cannabidiol products as a narcotic and refuses to process anything related to them.

What banks allow CBD business?

Banks do not accept payments or process payments that are related to the CBD business. Many banks will even close cbd merchant accounts if they attempt to have CBD sales processed. High Risk Pay will approve your account and process your sales as long as the products are legal and legitimate.

Why is CBD high risk?

CBD is considered high risk because many banks and even customers consider these products to be narcotics. CBD is classified as a pain reliever and many processors are not willing to deal with merchants who sell these products because it puts them at risk for payment problems and could result in chargebacks and fraud.

Is High Risk Pay Safe?

At High Risk Pay, our team is dedicated to providing the best services and to upholding the reputation we have had over the many years. By our policy, you can rest assured that your customer data will remain private, secure and confidential. We make sure our system maintains record high uptime and with minuscule to no downtime, which limits any impact on your business.