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Dropshipping is a popular method for fulfilling orders. If you run a dropshipping store, you might face issues when trying to use a credit card processor to accept payments for your products. The reason is that banks want to avoid fraudulent charges and high chargeback rates, so they might refuse to give you a merchant account (or be dropped from one if you have it) if they see your business as too risky. However, High Risk Pay provides the best solution and support for  these ecommerce businesses in providing payment gateways for dropshipping. 

Many traditional merchant services providers, such as PayPal and Stripe, view drop shipping businesses as high risk. But, as a specialist high-risk payment provider, we have a track record of successful business stories helping drop shipping businesses of all sizes, both offline and online. 

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Using High Risk Pay As Your Dropshipping Payment System

If you’re looking for a payment system and merchant account for your dropshipping business, High Risk Pay can help you ensure you have everything you need in place to accept multiple payment methods (customers can pay with credit cards, eWallets, etc.) while having the security of not having to worry about chargebacks and credit card fraud. We are experts in high-risk merchant account services, and our teams have extensive experience in the drop shipping industry. We have built our platform to suit these kinds of businesses, making sure they have options in available payment gateways which increase the potential of exploring more sales opportunities. Our software can be easily integrated into your current system.  

If you use High Risk Pay, whether you have personal bad credit history doesn’t matter to us. The only thing we want to see is how your business has been doing and can do in the future. You can apply for a dropshipping merchant account with us even if you have had a mortgage foreclosure, defaulted on a loan, or had to declare bankruptcy at some point in your life. These things shouldn’t keep you from accepting credit and debit card payments for your business, and won’t prevent you from opening a merchant account, payment gateway, or dropshipping payment system with us. We have gathered a wealth of information and tools to help you successfully navigate important payment collection guidelines, which is essential for your business success. 

You shouldn’t have to face issues if your company model prefers not to keep a stock inventory. You have every right to choose the best business payment systems that can adapt to you and your lifestyle (in particular if you work on e-commerce) and we will be happy to help you run it smoothly. We won’t ask you for any subscription or set-up fees; these services are completely free. You don’t need a contract to use our dropshipping payment systems and merchant accounts, either. 

We have ample experience in this industry and understand you don’t want to spend days gathering the paperwork needed to apply for a merchant account – and get it rejected because dropshipping is considered a high-risk endeavor. We approve 99% of applicants and can get you a response in as little as 24 hours. 

Contact us today to apply for an account and start selling tomorrow. 

We Are Experts in Dropshipping Payment Systems and Merchant Accounts

Dropshipping is a popular method for fulfilling orders. Most stores need to keep the products they sell in stock, so when a customer makes a purchase, they can dispatch the items to them directly. In a drop shipping model, the shop doesn’t keep the products themselves. Instead, they only buy inventory from a third party, such as an international manufacturer or wholesaler in countries worldwide, when it’s needed. 

Many dropshipping companies choose to use dropshipping payment systems and specialized merchant accounts that understand what this business is all about. High-risk merchant accounts can help you mitigate the risks associated with drop shipping payment processing, such as fraud and exposure to chargebacks. 

It’s Always Best Use a Dropshipping Merchant Account

Dropshipping companies face two potential issues when trying to secure a merchant account. The first is the number of fraudulent charges. Suppose your company receives many of them (and this is a common occurrence as customers change their minds and ask for refunds and chargebacks regardless of if you do everything right). In that case, you can get quickly flagged as a high-risk business and have trouble finding a dropshipping payment system that will take you. Another is chargebacks. If the industry you are in has a chargeback rate above 1%, banks would be reluctant to give you an account as well. Unfortunately, many dropshipping businesses tend to have higher chargeback rates because of poor refund policies and issues with customer service. 

If you want to sell products using a dropshipping system, you need to make sure you can accept different payment methods securely. Dropshipping is considered a high-risk business for credit card and payment processors, so you should consider opening a merchant account specializing in the dropshipping industry. 

There are several benefits to using a dropshipping payment system for your business. Of course, you will never be able to fully prevent fraud and chargebacks, but what your customers do with their purchases shouldn’t have to affect your standing with a payment processor. Which is why we make it easy to work with us for every transaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay for dropshipping?

Though there are large-sized dropshippers that charge monthly or annual subscriptions, there are some that offer free trials and/or apply small fees to products that are shipped to customers.