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Online payments are the best and most reliable way to collect donations and receive money for fundraising efforts. To do this successfully requires businesses to source a payment gateway for nonprofit organizations.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Many traditional providers view non-profit organizations as high-risk, thus putting payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe out of reach. However, High Risk Pay designed its platform with the necessary resources to help businesses like yours. As a specialist high-risk provider, we can offer payment options other banks won’t so donors can safely make online donations to causes you address.

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Benefits of Our Payment Gateway for Nonprofit Organizations

Are you looking to increase donations, streamline online fundraising initiatives, and increase the funding for your nonprofit business? Nonprofit organizations can do this successfully with the help of an online payment processor and merchant account. It enables users to make convenient and secure credit card payments online which greatly increases your capacity to accept donations. 

However, whereas traditional financial institutions may refuse to work with charities due to their high-risk status, companies like High Risk Pay cater specifically to the high-risk market. We can give you access to a payment gateway for nonprofit organizations, and by setting up an account with  us you will  gain access to all of the resources and benefits outlined below.

Low Fees and Competitive Pricing

Opening a nonprofit merchant account using traditional payment processors often comes at a price to counteract the risk your business brings to your bank. However, as a specialist high-risk service provider and experience of being a nonprofit payment processor, we can provide an affordable payment gateway for nonprofit organizations. With competitive processing fees, no application fee, and no set-up costs, you’re cutting down on unnecessary business expenses from the get-go. With the initial setup being free, it allows you to have more money to put towards helping your chosen cause.

All-in-One Payment Solutions

High Risk Pay’s integrated payment gateway for nonprofit organizations offers an all-in-one solution for your donors to use. This means you will no longer have to use your valuable time processing manual payments in person or over the phone. Instead, our merchant services centralize all payments in one convenient location, so you can spend more time growing your business and making more money for greater impact. An advanced centralized payment processing center makes it easier to track all your payments, making sure every dollar is accounted for.  Plus, your donors will donate more thanks to the added convenience of leaving the carding processing management with us. 

Multiple Software Integrations

We know that most successful businesses already have various online tools they use to streamline business operations. Therefore, one of the best features of our payment gateway for nonprofit organizations is its ability to integrate with other tools and software you currently rely on. This means your payment processing can seamlessly fit with your current workflow. You can easily process transactions and increase your donations without additional resources or   changing other business aspects.

Straightforward Merchant Account Applications

We understand how time-consuming running a business is. We also know how difficult it is to obtain a payment gateway for nonprofit organizations from traditional banks. Therefore, we offer straightforward application processes that make it as easy as possible to source reliable merchant services. To get started, simply complete our online application form and we will be in touch to discuss the best options and pricing for your business.

Why are Nonprofits Considered High-Risk Businesses?

All financial institutions assess the risk of a business before agreeing to offer merchant services, and many refuse to work with high-risk companies. Charities and other nonprofit organizations, unfortunately, fall into this high-risk category, which can make finding a payment gateway for nonprofit organizations a challenge.

This categorization is based on the fact that nonprofits and charities face several unique financial challenges, namely an increased rate of financial fraud, multiple funding sources, and reputational damage.

High Risk of Fraud

Financial fraud rates are unfortunately high within the nonprofit sector and are the most common crimes against charities and other nonprofits. Commonly, people from outside the organization pose as charities to obtain money from victims who think they are paying toward a reputable cause. They create a fake event, get innocent people to donate, and keep the money for themselves.

Fraud rates are sadly also high within organizations, especially nonprofits as these are trust-based businesses that rely heavily on volunteer staff. Although most volunteers are passionate about the cause, some people may knowingly try to defraud the organization and take compensation from the business for their own benefit.

Traditional lenders are aware of the high risk of both internal and external fraud, and thus are reluctant to work with businesses that have such a high risk of financial crime. They often refrain from offering a payment gateway for nonprofit organizations and other merchant services.

Multiple Funding Sources

Nonprofit organizations have complex business models that rely on multiple sources of funding. Cash flow comes from a combination of donations, fundraising events, membership subscriptions, and grants. Each of these transactions can be of wildly different amounts, from a donation of a few dollars to large grants that often account for up to 80% of total business funding.

This means it can be challenging for banks and other financial institutions to establish how stable and sustainable the company will be in the long-term; success often relies on the nonprofit organization finding new funding sources. Therefore, many traditional lenders refuse to provide a payment gateway for nonprofit organizations.

Reputational Damage

Nonprofits and charitable organizations are heavily reliant on others to offer donations and fund their work. For this model to be successful, the business has to be liked and trusted by its donors. They need to have confidence that this company will indeed make a positive impact through their allocation of funds as promised.

However, this setup means that a shift in the public image of the organization can have a huge impact on company success. If the nonprofit business makes a poor investment choice or was found to have even a single case of fraud, it could decrease its funding sources dramatically. Improper planning of special fundraising events can also present safety risks that damage reputation.

As charitable organizations rely on public support to bring income, they are also the most vulnerable to changes in reputation. As such, this makes these companies high-risk, hence the difficulty in obtaining a payment gateway for nonprofit organizations.

Why Do You Need a Payment Gateway for Nonprofit Organizations?

You might be wondering why you need a merchant account and payment gateway to run a successful nonprofit organization. And while it isn’t essential, it does make credit card processing and  receiving payments more convenient especially with recurring donations which ultimately improves business cash flow. With these increased funding sources, your company can then make a bigger impact within its chosen sector.

Below are just some of the things you can do with a payment gateway for nonprofit organizations that can help to boost your business.

Accept Online Donations

For nonprofits and charitable businesses, donations are one of the main revenue streams. And the easier it is for your supporters to make donations, the more donations you’re likely to receive each month to put towards your cause.

Opening up a merchant account and using a payment gateway for nonprofit organizations enables donors to make these payments online with their credit cards. The system reads and transfers the payment information into your merchant bank account within seconds. This adds unparalleled convenience and increases the likelihood of people donating.

Collect Membership Fees

Memberships are another way that nonprofits and charitable businesses make money. Supporters of the cause can choose to join a yearly or monthly membership program. This is one of the most beneficial sources of cash flow as you have a fixed amount of income per month, unlike donation-based payments which fluctuate heavily from one month to the next.

Obtaining a payment gateway for nonprofit organizations ensures it is easy for your loyal supporters to keep up with their monthly payments. It also makes things easier for you, as you no longer have to call all your supporters each month to take payments over the phone. This gives you more time to put towards fundraising initiatives and other projects that will grow your business.

Sell Tickets & Merchandise Online

You can also sell tickets to events as another source of funding. With a payment gateway for nonprofit organizations, sales have never been easier. By integrating a payment processor with your website and linking the gateway and merchant account, all transactions can be handled online. This improves customer satisfaction and increases the amount of money you have coming in.

The same is true for selling branded merchandise online. By using a payment gateway for nonprofit organizations, you have immediately increased your audience. You no longer sell in-person at events, but can open up your sales to a global market. This will boost your profits from sales, while also helping to promote the charity and help it become more well known. As discussed, the nonprofits rely heavily on reputation; the more popular and esteemed your company is, the better it will perform.

Protect Against Nonprofit Fraud

Unfortunately, financial fraud is common within the third sector. For anyone wanting to protect against fraud, an online payment gateway for nonprofit organizations is a must. The gateways go into action as soon as a cardholder initiates a transaction and checks the funds are available within their account. This is known as an authorization request and ensures you receive the payment.

Protection against fraud is beneficial in terms of business income and helps to keep nonprofit organizations afloat. Additionally, the decreased fraud rates help to open up a wider array of merchant payment services in the future, such as opening up more traditional payment methods. It also helps to keep expenses such as payment processing fees and account charges down.

Encryption of Donor Data

In the modern world, cyber threats are a growing issue for all online businesses. Therefore, all transactions must be encrypted using the latest SSL technology. This protects your donors’ sensitive information, so they are more inclined to make an online payment via your site. It also helps protect your company’s reputation, something nonprofits heavily rely on when sourcing funds.

A reliable online payment gateway for nonprofit organizations encrypts all data for you. After donors have entered their credit card details, the gateway scrambles the card details before sending the information to the card schemes, thus protecting your business and donors.

How to Obtain a Payment Gateway for Nonprofit Organizations?

At High Risk Pay, opening a merchant account and obtaining a payment gateway for nonprofit organizations is simple. You simply need to fill in our application form and a member of the team will be in touch shortly. We have a 95% approval rate on all applications, proving it is possible to find reputable merchant services within a high-risk industry.

When obtaining a nonprofit merchant account, be that through us or another company, you typically need to provide all of the following information:

  • Personal details including your legal name, business address, and contact information;
  • Proof that your business is a nonprofit organization such as an EIN;
  • Details of your personal and business bank accounts to check your credit history;
  • Bank accounts for your nonprofit organization, or personal account where the former isn’t available;
  • Website and marketing materials currently used by your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I choose nonprofit payment processing services?

When choosing a merchant account, payment processor, and payment gateway for nonprofits, always check the fees and hidden charges. Opting for the lowest possible pricing will reduce your overheads. You should also look for processors that accept debit and credit cards, take multiple currencies, and integrate with your current fundraising software.