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Companies selling nutraceutical products have grown in popularity, but many vendors are identified as high-risk merchants. Because the nutraceutical industry has little regulation and many manufacturers make false claims about benefits and ingredients of dietary supplements, a lot of traditional credit card processing companies refuse to work with these businesses. 

High Risk Pay is an excellent option for handling all your credit card and online payments for your nutraceutical company without getting blocked by your bank due to chargebacks, stolen cards, and buyers’ remorse. With years of providing merchant services our team has the resources to assist you.   Contact us now to get started on setting up  your merchant account today!

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Using High Risk Pay For Your Nutraceutical Merchant Account

At High Risk Pay, we specialize in payment processing solutions for high-risk merchants. We have a proven track offering robust pharmacy and nutraceutical merchant account services, so we know exactly what’s required for your business to succeed. 

High Risk Pay is a comprehensive solution perfect for nutraceutical merchants. When you use our services, you don’t need to worry about the risks of accepting credit cards for what will be considered high-risk payments. If you use a nutraceutical merchant account, you can sell supplements, vitamins, and herbal products without the fear of excessive scrutiny and frequent chargebacks.

If you use a nutraceutical merchant account, it doesn’t matter how many chargebacks you might get for your products. When you partner with us, you can take credit card payments without having to worry about fraud, disputed transactions, or buyers’ remorse. 

High Risk Pay doesn’t punish people for being nutraceutical merchants. On the contrary, we want to help companies like yours succeed so you can work effectively in this industry. Our nutraceutical merchant accounts and payment gateways work with competitive fees that are actually similar to those of traditional credit card processors. We have developed software and tools needed to allow for secure and safe payments so users can rest assured their information will remain private and secure. It allows for clients to process high volume sales with little to no  interruptions.  

Our payment processing solution for nutraceutical products has a 99% approval rate. You won’t have to set up contracts, pay any application fees, or worry about your credit status. You can apply today and start selling your nutraceutical products within 24 hours. Once you have an account with us, customers can rest assured that they will have incredible customer support if you should ever need it. 

Merchant Accounts for Nutraceutical Businesses

Nutraceuticals are very popular products. In addition to providing nutrition, they also have several health benefits, such as increasing life expectancy, improving your immune system, and preventing chronic diseases. Nutraceuticals are so desired that they pop up in grocery stores across the world. However, if you want to sell them (for example, on your website), you might have trouble accepting credit card payments. The main reason is that many payment processors and banks consider nutraceutical companies high-risk merchants. 

If you sell vitamins, herbal products, or supplements, you will likely have to open a high-risk nutraceutical merchant account with your bank or payment processor. Nutraceutical products are normally classified as high-risk. 

These types of accounts tend to have strict guidelines that can be difficult to understand and navigate. However, this shouldn’t mean that you have to spend time gathering mountains of paperwork just to get your payment processor to simply reject your application. Instead, many nutraceutical merchants choose to use a merchant accounts solution provider that has experience in the industry, such as High Risk Pay.

A Perfect Solution for Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts

Many payment processing companies don’t want to risk dealing with the sale of nutraceutical products. There are several reasons. One is the issue of human contact in these industries. People need to ingest nutraceuticals for them to work, so this makes them a prime subject of government scrutiny. There is also a higher risk associated with prescription recalls, particularly for over-the-counter drugs. When the FDA recalls a medicine, online drug companies can decide whether to give refunds or recall the product. As a result, many customers will choose instead to ask for their money using a chargeback. And the payment processor or bank can think you have wronged your customers. 

This is why you should always consider using a nutraceutical merchant account; because this type of service is specifically designed to deal with high-risk businesses. 

With High Risk Pay, you can sell your products without worrying about the risks of chargebacks, credit card fraud, or getting your payment processing blocked by the bank. 

Why Use a Specialized Nutraceutical Merchant Account?

When you sell nutraceuticals, it’s not just your products that will be under scrutiny and regulation. Your payment processing will also be placed under the microscope, in particular, if the FDA is checking the safety of a particular supplement or vitamin. If this happens, you could face hundreds or even thousands of refund requests. And as a high-risk merchant, if your bank or payment processor and gateway sees this type of activity, they could block your account entirely, making you unable to receive more payments.

You can open a merchant account with us even if you have bad credit. We don’t care about your past; we care about your business. Our approval rate for bad credit nutraceutical merchant accounts is over 95%. It doesn’t matter if you have previously declared bankruptcy, had a mortgage foreclosure or defaulted on a loan. You can still open your merchant account and have your business accept credit card payments in no time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Specialized Nutraceutical Merchant Account for nutraceutical stores?

Harsh government scrutiny and strict FDA regulations make nutraceutical companies vulnerable to chargebacks. Opting for a Specialized Nutraceutical Merchant Account you can sell supplements, vitamins, and herbal products without setbacks.