How to Speed Up the Delivery Process


To be a successful eCommerce merchant, you’ll have to meet customer expectations. Since your customers will be looking for convenience, they will also be looking for timeliness. 

We live in a world where people expect their orders to ship and be delivered within just a few days. As more of your competitors aim for two-day shipping, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon and speed up your very own delivery process. Here’s how!

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Simplify Internally

You may be using several programs for just one internal process. However, this can turn a simple task into a long, drawn-out, and complicated process, which can create frustration for your business and its customers.

If you find any lengthy processes that are affecting your delivery process, you may want to consider building a new process that’s much more efficient.

Communicate With Your Warehouse

Keeping your customers’ deliveries locked between the order and the order process is one of the places where the delivery process can pause. However, you can make this process virtually instantaneous. Once the order is complete, it should be processed at the warehouse immediately.

Stay Organized

The order process shouldn’t be difficult for anyone involved. You’ll need to know the precise location of each item in the warehouse. You may want to look into tools like scanning devices so that you can get up to date information on your stock and what you have and what you will need.

Although you’ll need qualified professionals to help you manage your inventory, you can look into automation, which will help you keep a quick delivery process.

Consider Courier Services

Depending on how fast you promise your customers you’ll deliver, you may be able to find courier services that are faster than others. Always keep an up-to-date list of the courier services that are available to you. Make sure that you keep track of their price per weight and destination so that you can best determine how to get the products to your customers.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is used by transporters and replaces paperwork with electronic data and documents. Getting rid of messy and disorganized paperwork can make the process of delivery much more efficient. EDI also allows you to process larger volume orders at the same time.

Keep Customers Updated

Your customers expect a timely delivery after they place their orders. Keeping customers informed about the status of the delivery will reassure them that their order has been processed and will be delivered to them soon. You should aim to give them tracking numbers so that they can see precisely where their products are and when they will arrive.

Even if you can’t do anything to speed up the delivery time, you can keep their worries at bay and make sure they’re satisfied because they know where their order is.

There are many ways to improve your delivery performance, and your business should constantly be looking for methods to enhance the overall customer experience like getting in touch with the largest merchant processors.