Food Delivery Services Merchant Accounts

food delivery services

What is Food Delivery Software?

Food delivery software enables customers to get their food delivered to their door without having to carry out from the restaurant. Restaurants can dispatch orders to drivers and provide on-demand food delivery to customers.  Food delivery software needs to integrate with point of sale (POS) software so that everything can be managed on one screen.   

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How Does Food Delivery Software Qualify as a Continuity Subscription?

Food delivery software is considered a subscription-based business model because restaurant owners will pay monthly or annual fees to use the services provided. This means that every month or year, they will use their credit card to pay for the software and can use it immediately to start taking orders and growing their own business.   

Why Do Owners of Food Delivery Software Need Merchant Accounts?

merchant account is a bank account that is set up with a credit card processor. This account allows businesses to take credit card payments. The account itself links your business bank account and the credit card’s issuing bank. Once properly set up, your merchant account will allow you to authorize and accept card payments from your customers.  The merchant account acts as a holding place for the funds collected from sales. The processor authenticates the transaction, and then the funds are moved from your customer’s account into your merchant account. From there, there may be a waiting period before the funds are moved into your business bank account.  In order to accept credit cards, you’ll also need a payment gateway.

A payment gateway must be attached to some sort of merchant account so that the funds can be transferred appropriately.  When it comes to any type of continuity subscription business, obtaining a merchant account can be difficult. Unfortunately, banks and credit card processors may view your business as high-risk for a number of reasons.  The monthly transactions associated with your business don’t involve a magnetic swipe or chip, which means customers must enter their own credit card information on your website or on another landing page. Because of this, subscription businesses operating online are susceptible to both fraud and chargebacks.

Chargebacks also occur in this space because of customer satisfaction or the fact that they’ve forgotten about being subscribed. They will then contact their bank and try to get the funds deposited back into their account, resulting in a chargeback and chargeback fees for your business.  Banks want to be cautious with who they give merchant accounts, so a subscription-based food delivery business may have a hard time obtaining an account with their bank.   

Get a Merchant Account for Your Food Delivery Services Business

Getting a merchant account for your subscription-based business is not impossible. Working with merchant account providers like High Risk Pay will allow you to accept credit card payments that are crucial to the success of your business. We offer programs to help you avoid risks of chargebacks and fraud so that you can rest assured that your account will always be in good standing.  Read More: High Risk Merchant Account Providers in USA For more information on high-risk merchant accounts, contact us today!